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What A Minajimal

Welcome to the celebrity drawing class, today’s lesson is bought to you by pop princess of booty Nicki Minajimal, you may recognise her from the chart topping songs ‘Pound The Alarm My Bootys Just Exploded’ and ‘Starships Have My Lips’.

Yolo, Nicki here, the first stage of drawing is to start to understand proportions. It’s no use having a big ass if you can’t draw it so for a start let’s try something a little more recognisable with Winnie The Pooh. Notice how I have used blue to give me a workable outline, it’s what us professionals do. Use circles to adjust the proportions and remember the rule that circles for heads are always half the circle for a body unless the body is four circles high then it’s two fifths of the arm circle plus one inch for swellage.

Sketch out the above observing my correct proportions then fill in the detail.

A perfect Pooh, don’t forget to add props like the honey pot and that other annoying pink thing called Toglet.

The human form is a lot easier, it’s essentially circles and ovals, use a mannequin found in most department stores that you can pose to get the correct stance then trace around it. Again when filling in details try sketching yourself, pretend you are the model and look in the mirror. Work it baby.

Once done it should look something like this. Don’t worry if you can’t achieve a look this professional it all takes practice and a steady hand. And that’s it, you should now be on your way to artistic greatness and critical acclaim.

My latest exhibition takes place at the Museum Of Modern Arty RSC ITV CSE BBC and is called Minajimation, see what I did there? It opens this Saturday with a free stageshow in which I will inflate my lips and bongo my booty to my latest tunes. Here’s a preview of some key pieces.

Mexican Frying An Egg

Pencil and charcoal on archival paper (2009) £15,000

The Spiders Handstand

Felt Tip (2013) £10,000 SOLD

Pig On A Bike

Japanese squid ink on rice paper (1998) £25,000

Two Black Eyes

Biro on toilet paper (2013) £9,000

Minajimation, a study of Yolo has been described as ‘breathtaking’ and ‘an unimaginable purile collection’ by critics the world wide. Nicki Minajimal was unavailable for comment after an accident with a pair of nipple muffs that left her deaf and unable to wear high heels for a fortnight.


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