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The eclipse was a total let down, we experienced what could be only described as a dull day as opposed to the ‘plunged into darkness with no birdsong’ type of thing we expected but it wasn’t the end of the world as predicted so yesterday we both made a return to The Original Art Shop, Trentham for an appearance after an absence of over a year and what a great day it was too on such a fine and sunny day.

Plenty of collectors came along to chat, get dedications and see some rare oil sketches along with all the latest releases making for an enjoyable four hours. Although we have now done nearly 250 of these events they always seem to feel fresh and new with collectors coming from far and wide many of which we now class as friends.

It’s a short blog today as our workloads are pretty stuffed at the moment. Knickerbockergloria our Lost Impossimal ice dragon is now complete and awaiting collection to take her place alongside many other dragons in Norwich as part of the GoGoDragons event later this year. The latest magazine Mission Impossimal is getting it’s final tweaks along with a few new website items and more work on the Impossimal animation series.

Painting rears it’s head again at the end of the week when we launch into our October collection and finally to top this week of hectic busyness we will be appearing at Castle Galleries, Bristol on Saturday 28th March between 2-5pm.

As usual, all are welcome to what promises to be another busy day and one of the last events for a while so pop along and say hello if you are in the area we would both love to see you.

Randomness will return tomorrow, quite possibly with a tale regarding the rudest sales person ever we recently encountered…

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