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Weather Or Not

Last night we returned from Jayne’s Foreverbunny event at the Derbyshire Eco Centre in good spirits. It had been a great day, plenty of things happening, lots to see and do all with fine food served throughout so we looked forward to Sunday, our second day only to be disappointed.

The weather sucked. Not only did it suck but Sky, BBC, Met Office, Accuweather and numerous other tomes of weather information all predicted the same thing more or less. A lashing of heavy rain and possible flooding overnight followed by a consistent stream up until 3-4pm on Sunday. A washout. We checked and checked the weather right up to 10pm last night and unfortunately we had to make the discision that standing out in the open with just a gazebo between us, the wooden and fabric Foreverbunnies and heavy rain was not a great idea.

We typed an email and cancelled it for today. The car was unpacked, the stock back in the system and went to bed.

So imagine our disbelief and frustration when we woke up this morning to glorious sunshine, no rain and a temperature rise of another eight degrees from yesterday and too late to do anything about it!

Really, how can they get it so wrong? I could understand if there was still a few showers and it was a little chilly but hey, it’s full on sunshine! So, I’m sat writing this to glorious sunshine, a little wind and temperatures climbing to 25 degrees here in the conservatory thinking, damn, what a crock the met office is.

I know weather can be unpredictable but the must have been a hint that rain was going to turn into blue skies or am I missing something? According to a report in one of the newspapers earlier this year it suggested that most weather giving information should be taken as vague at the very least as predictions can be difficult. Not great news if you are wondering if you should take a brolly or sun tan cream with you when you go out.

Yesterday a gentlemen came to our Forevebunny marquee and we talked about the weather, it had started to drizzle and we voiced our concerns for the next day. Don’t worry he said, it will be fine and sunny but windy, we however had our doubts, after all we had the latest technology to tell us. Today we are thinking how did he know? Well, he was a farmer and didn’t rely on television, weather apps or as he put it professional storytelling instead he used his vast knowledge of the seasons and a barometer he had kept for over fifty years.

Experience it seems can predict more than technology.


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