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The morning air is getting a little crisper signalling the end of Summer, at least this year we have had a bit of warmth and not the constant torrential downpours of the previous few years. Inside the greenhouse the tomatoes have done well along with very knobbly cucumbers for some unknown reason and as we near September some fine chillies too.

Bunnyopolis has a makeover in the Spring, the new apple trees we planted have given us three apples, not bad for a start and we managed to protect them from Iona, Aaran and Jura somewhat although one we planted in the corner was raided when they realised that if they all leant on the surrounding fence it bowed enough for them to reach and pluck bits off. But then again, that’s part of the fun, you never know what three large bunnies will do next. Only yesterday Jayne was casually stroking Aaran whist laying on the floor when Jura came over all goat like and leapt on her back providing her with some fine claw marks as 25lbs of rabbit jumped off shaking her head and waving helicopter ears.

So I’m feeling a bit reflective this morning, everything’s teetering on the edge of change as the first misty mornings and dewey grass indicate, its all made more apparent by our local supermarkets insistence to start selling Christmas tubs of sweets and the odd witches hat.

Plenty of work to do in the mean time but this morning as Yoda would say ‘Not, I Am Ready’


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