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Bunnyopolis is just getting over winter and starting to be a little more spring like. Aaran, Jura and Iona have started to spend more and more time outdoors as the little buds start to appear on the apple trees and small shoots of fresh grass appear and gets nibbled away rather quickly. As the nights get a little lighter this pattern will continue and tea time for the buns starts to shift away from 2:30pm to around 4:30pm as their natural body clock adjusts to the new year.

It also marks a change for both of us too, the conservatory adds an extension to the studio allowing us to work in full natural light and to open up a much larger working space. This gets further extended when it gets warmer as the doors are flung open to give us all the benefits of the decked area. Jayne is working along side me on her own artwork assembling all her hand made ceramics whilst I plough on with Knickerbockergloria, that way we both get to enjoy watching our three Bunnyopolis occupants enjoy the garden throughout the day.

And so our days continue, interspersed with strange and weird events that occur all too frequently. The chances of another unsual occurance increases this weekend with our appearance at Castle Galleries, York on Saturday 7th between 1-4pm. As usual everyone is welcome to come along on the day to join in the Impossimal fun, maybe this time I won’t be chased by a swan or indeed be accosted and followed by a lively gentleman that told me he ‘enjoyed my trousers immensely’. Oh no, that’s bought back memories of running down ten flights of stairs in Southampton dressed only in my undergarments after a drunken reveller hit the fire alarm button at 1am only to be greeted by a gaggle of other hotel revellers at the bottom asking me where I got my underpants from. Come to think of it the same thing happened at the same chain of hotels in Cambridge, I wonder if there is a connection or indeed they just like my choice of underwear?

All in all a rather mundane blog today, sorry about that, I’m sure I’ll think of some fresh tat for tomorrow so until then have a great Wineday Eve!


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