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Although Aaran, Jura and Iona have a perfectly comfortably sleeping area comprising of two layers of carpet and two addition layers of very comfy vet bed they have decided recently to start sleeping in a different area so regularly on the security cameras we are treated to sights such as this. Iona is the one at the back with frog legs, Aaran in the middle and Jura out for the count on the right. All very comfy, so yesterday we decided to make an exciting addition, a nice large dog bed that they could all snuggle in.

To try and convince them that it’s the bees knees we decided to give them their daily fresh veg in such a way that promoted the climbing in of little paws which as you can see worked perfectly. Once the veg had gone though they eyed it with suspicion before pushing it out of the way. So we left it all night to see what response it got, cold would probably be the best word for it. This morning it had been completely shoved out of the way so they could carry on lounging about on the floor. Humph, things like this take time in bunny world, for a start it’s got to be accepted as something that will always be there, secondly it has to smell right and thirdly it has to pass the chew test. If it obliterates under teeth then it’s deemed chewable, if it chews well then it’s a veritable free for all. Yesterday we had a good sign though, Iona licked it and if you know Iona she devours anything so fingers crossed they will eventually all get to snuggle in it.

This face of concern is in response to yet another addition to Bunnyopolis, two metal boxing hares. Iona was not impressed at all as you can see from her ‘what’s this rubbish?’ face although I’m sure they will eventually warm to it.

Bunnies, they are funny old things.


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