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Castle Galleries in Meadowhall looked great on Saturday, an ideal setting for a Impossimal launch party, nice and colourful filled with Impossimals to make you smile.

 It got very busy, very quickly, this was one of the only shots of the gallery we could snatch for the first two hours as collector after collector came in through the door.

 Many were Facebook friends, others we new faces mixed in with familiar ones we have met over the course of the years. A great atmosphere with plenty of smiles.

We had a constant stream of collectors and managed to give away a whopping 287 badges, a fantastic amount but it was so busy halfway through we had to turn the queues around to open the space up a little.

So a big thank you to everyone who came, I know it was a little manic at times and to try and cater for this we stayed an extra two hours extending the appearance until close to six’o’clock that night.

 A tremendous day, I leave you with Roy and his first Impossimal piece ‘The Best Things In Life Are Sweet’

Thanks guys! We will be back later in the year and we can’t wait!

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