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I woke up this morning Pennysaurused out, I managed twenty last week, a proud total of a hundred and eighty painted sweets followed by two days of appearances but as I opened my eyes I suddenly had an urge to see the sea.

At 7:15am I sat bolt upright in bed at 8:00am Bunnyopolis was shipshape and Aaran, Jura and Iona our three continental giant rabbits knew they were in for a duvet day so Iona decided to hide. Cue ten minutes of panicking as one large 29lb rabbit suddenly vanished without a trace. Oblivious Jura and Aaran mooched about and followed me as I went from the run side to the living quarters, did circuits of the garden and numerous other tasks looking for what should have been an easy to spot bunny.

It was only after I opened up a box of pony rings, little compressed grass treats that she miraculously appeared, she had gnawed the bottom layer of the curtain over the door which was used to stop draughts and sat inside the lining almost renching it from the ceiling. Silly girl.

Bunnies all present and correct we jumped in the car and away we went forgetting to write the blog such was my eagerness.

11:00am Filey, North Yorkshire. Cue sunshine, sea, sand and salty air. It was fab, totally unplanned like some of the best times are, even better we treated ourselves to a couple of fine dressed crabs and sat watching the world go by.

It really is a gentle place, we paddled in rock pools, did a bit of fossiling, walked the beach and strolled the streets and you know what, we didn’t even have a phone signal most of the time which was great.

The tide gradually came in and our beach walk was cut a little short but not before catching up with old friends and coffee at the Downcliffe House Hotel.

Gentle, unexpected and rather a nice treat before delving back into the feverish painting tomorrow and a return to general silliness with the blog.


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