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Mis i g Let ers

Oh dear, it seems some of the words have fallen off today’s innocent little blog, can you fit them all back in? To help you all the missing words at the bottom to print out.

As the horse _____ the nun pulled her _____ and gave him a jolly good _____. The vicar who was passing was _____, he had never seen a _____ pull her _____ like that before and wondered if he could join in. The nun just _____ and showed him her _____ which was very different indeed.

Just then three _____ burst onto the _____ and whipped out the largest _____ they had ever seen outside of a rhythm club. The vicar and the nun _____ then _____ ! Several passers by _____ and two took _____ , never before had they seen _____ and _____ going at it like like that before. It began to _____ and pretty soon everyone was _____ to the _____ . Slowly they all _____ and _____ until the _____ could take _____ and they all went to _____ with a big smile on their faces.


*Wept, todger, badgers, humper, old maid, spoke, looked, amazed, spank, bucket, gaping hole, forking, truncheon, naked, trunk, joggers, budgie smugglers, booty, stroked, pull, thrust, small pipecleaner, pictures, fainted, royal, crown jewels, Vegas, billiards, clowns pocket, back door, pushed, pummelled, smashed, ate, drank, stroked, cucumber, potato, baby carrot, hung, dogs, sheep, like a boss, secretary, planking, fireman, stripper, pole, soaked, bone, wet, core, bent, hospital, nurse, nuts, squirrels, a goat, actor, television, floor, over the table, up the alley, no more, home, pony, two pigs, a brown cow, the grocers, the swimming baths, the sauna.

*note, all words may or may not be applicable to this innocent little story.

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