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Stage one of the new website has now gone live in conjunction with the three new Impossimal releases this weekend. It’s early days but it offers an easier navigational experience and a few new tweaks to bring it up to spec. There’s still things to add but already it’s a much neater and faster website to view.

One of those new tweaks is the gallery. I’m cataloging every story to every released piece and charting its availability in the galleries. It’s a mammoth task and I’m planning on adding a year each day this week. So far you have 2005 and the beginnings of 2006 to look through, by tonight we should be on 2007 and with each year you will see the stories get bigger and bigger. I’m also showing the links through various stories and revealing the hidden parts of certain paintings. The Lost Impossimals mini websites have remained intact from the previous website, primarily because they will be combined in a years time when I start work on Revelations for 2015/16. The ‘about’ section has been rewritten to fill in a large amount of details regarding the Impossimal history and I’m just about to add sections for sketches and models.

To help with locating Impossimals the contact page will have an interactive map of galleries, it’s already in place but just has a test gallery on it at the moment, a full list can be accessed by clicking on the button below the map.

So a bit of a makeover for the new year, 2014 is going to be a little different for the Impossimals with some uncharted waters on the horizon. In the meantime enjoy the three new pieces and remember when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror just think…


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