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We all hate leftover especially over the Christmas period so today I’m going to show you how to make the most your meals starting with the humble carrot.
Carrots are incredibly versatile and healthy, if sharpened they make great orange pens, if frozen use instead of ice cubes to add a bit of novelty to any drink, or you could make the latest ‘must have’ decorations like this beautiful candy cane.

Take any carrot and leave in a relatively warm room for several days, the carrot needs to feel limp with a texture not unlike loose skin. Once at this stage they are ready to cane-ify.

Taking a marker pen quickly add the stripes all the way down, no firmly but not too hard press on the thin end until it starts to bend. Don’t over do this bit or the carrot will snap before you know it and you will be in a right mess I can tell you. If required, practice a little by bending a few green beans first. If you have done it correctly you should have the attractive carrot cane shown above. If not keep trying, it takes practice but is totally worth it.

Guess what, we are not done yet, with all those broken carrots it’s time to create your own Santa’s Grotto complete with Santa, child and a queue of parents.

Carefully slice the remaining pieces until you have enough ‘actors’ to star in your scene. Using a marker pen add eyes and mouths to the players and carefully cut a ‘V’ for the legs. Use any old bit of paper to fashion yourself a small beard and hat, use our template if you are struggling.

Et voilà, a fantastic Santa scene recreated entirely from leftovers. Professionals should be able to modify these instructions to create a Nativity scene, real dedication though is required to go one step further and use all that leftover meat.

Want a last minute present but only have the left over carrots from your Santa scene? No problem, how about Yuletide carrot prints?

Take one carrot and carefully using a knife (under 40’s ask your parents for permission first) carve out a festive ‘Y’ as shown above.

Then very simply get yourself some cheap paint or use food colouring and get stamping! As you can see it works a treat, simply wrap up the carrot and paint, possibly with a blank piece of paper so they can get stamping them out straight away and the you have it, a Yuletide Carrot Stamp made with love.


Want to impress at the dinner table and balance ANY ball on a piece of string? This amazing trick is impossible to detect and uses clever misdirection to achieve this FANTASTIC result.

Very simply carry along with you a ball of string and the ball of your choice, tennis balls are good but to really impress use a beach ball.

Start by announcing that you are going to show them something amazing and pull out the string. Grip both ends and pull it tight, allow fellow diners to examine the string for trickery and select one member to hold the end whilst you hold the other. Make sure the strung is tight and announce you are going to balance this ball (show your balls) on the piece of string.

Now for the trick, pretend to have a bit of a choking fit, cough and splutter before reaching for your handkerchief under the table and bending double so effectively the audience cannot see your face and they are too busy being concerned.

Now it’s just a matter of taking out the masking tape you have had clenched between your legs and pulling out enough with your teeth to hold your ball tight on the string. Place the tape on the back of the ball away from the audience and sit back up. Announce you are now indeed fine and still holding the ball with the tape at the back carefully place on the string and secure.

Bathe in the applause then quickly remove the ball and tape and ask other diners to try the same trick to no avail. Be the life and soul of the party, finish with a flourish and play the theme tune to Eastenders using just the wine glasses and a spoon. End the rendition by shouting ‘Bianca!’ In a London accent then add a dramatic boom, boom, boom by banging your shoe on the table.

Tomorrow hairbrush fires and how to tackle them over the festive period.


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