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A cavalcade of lazy blogging with a few pictures with captions.
WARNING readers of a nervous disposition should stop reading now.
Told you! (Bet that made you jump!)

Unfortunately Franky was rubbish at hide and seek

Lion had mistimed his leap and tried to explain to Dorothy that her wounds would heal but she may remain hideously scarred. On the plus side Toto tasted nice.

Clive was annoyed that Esmeralda had failed to notice his new loom band hairpiece.

Oh Jeffery, you had me at ‘I hate that bitch too.’

Honey, I think I have found a use for the hard boiled egg and Wotsits.

Excuse me, can you tell me how to get rid of Radio One on this thing?

I told you this would happen if you listened to a Bieber track George!

Sorry, I thought you said it was a chew-chew train.

Don’t worry, the blog will be back with a bit more filling tomorrow, today must feel like a flaccid damp sandwich from the back of the buffet car.

Sorry bout’ that.

Oh, nearly forgot, it’s a short one for the reason that I hit seven teddy bears with a candy cane then ate a pillow. Apparently I have a fever and I was hallucinating last night, I have also caught a sniffle at the weekend whilst Jayne is sporting two black eyes. Not related I hasten to add, a freak gust of wind caught the wheelie bin lid on Sunday as Jayne was leaning over it making the lid hit her squarely on the bridge of her nose thus we have managed to exceed the ying, yang balance in yesterday’s blog by a large margin.

Today’s blog has been bought to you by Mr Sniffle and Mrs Panda Eyes.


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