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Last But Not Least

It was always going to be a hard weekend, two event, long distances with one unknown gallery and one we knew was going to be a busy one. They also both required early starts so with my best grumpy cat face I dragged myself out of bed to count my wrinkles.
By 7:30am we were on the road in reasonably heavy Christmas traffic, the car park was busy too when we arrived, Christmas was coming…

 So first up was a relatively new gallery, Castle Fine Art in Cheltenham and my is it a stunning space. Set in a  prestigious part of town the gallery really looks the part. Inside we were made most welcome and almost immediately we began.

 The three hours just flew by, collectors old an new came along including a couple who first met us in 2006 and had been collecting all these years. The funny thing is that I still recognised them after all that time much to my delight.

 For a first event it went extremely well indeed and we left rather in a rather buoyant mood and departed through a Christmas market complete with carolling, in a beautiful rendition of ‘Away In A Manger’, quite magical.

 A 4am start on Sunday for one of the biggest runs, Castle Galleries at Bluewater in Kent. The weekend was supposed to be one of the busiest of the year and Bluewater is one of the busiest shopping destinations every day of the year so put the two together and you quickly find out why the tens of thousands of car parking spaces fill up rather quickly. We arrived at 9:30am to a car park already half full, boy was it going to get manic.

A full on appearance, so many collectors came along and the gallery at times was fit to burst, in addition I must have signed nearly a hundred dedications along the way and added doodles and additions to lots of special presents. The whole event started early and ran over turning the three hours into nearly five hours, a fantastic event.
A great weekend, great galleries, great collectors and great fun.
So, I’m writing this blog with a headache and limbs like jelly, why? Well, over the 48 hour period we managed to work a whopping 36 of them and we arrived home after very heavy traffic and using the Satnav accident avoidance system last night a few minutes before ten. Within fifteen minutes of arriving home I was to be found zonked out in bed. Happy but very, very tired.
So, one left. It’s a goody.
Saturday 21st December, Castle Fine Art, Cambridge 1-4pm.
The last appearance for years to come, one last chance to get that dedication or special doodle for Christmas. A free event and the final party destination of Bloodlines that we will be throwing everything at, see you this weekend.

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