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The blog has been a bit quiet over the last week, we have been incredibly busy on several projects that have eaten away at our time but have been incredibly interesting too.

Our first project is the construction of an Impossimal house so I can photograph each internal space to create a true Impossimal world similar to ‘Home Comforts’ I released last year. It’s a mammoth project that is probably going to take a year to complete, I’m even using cold porcelain to make sure that every item doesn’t get destroyed once I have done with them, currently I have been reusing plasticine and have lost so many models in the process so this should in some way resolve the problem, especially as I can now make it at home using PVA glue, corn starch and baby oil.

Secondly is a separate project working as a consultant for a range of clothing incorporating our Little Growlers seamlessly into children’s wear for a new fashion company. Thirdly is working with Jayne on a new range of Foreverbunnies and designing the new look for its sister company Foreverhare. And finally is the animation series, a long running project that is going to take a while to complete but hopefully by the end of this week we should have some up to date news on the project to tell you.

If that wasn’t enough its only five weeks until Bloodlines is released, it’s taken a year of set building, modelling, painting and story writing to produce just twelve paintings, eight of which will form part of the Bloodlines tour. Launched at the beginning of September it will be fully supported with over thirty appearances up and down the country and we have tried to cover pretty much the whole of the UK visiting never before visited galleries along the way.

So the blog is back and it will probably get all too silly all too quickly, you never know I might even blog about art one day.

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In case you missed it yesterday’s word was Bootybox.


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