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Impossimals Are Real? You Will Never Guess What Happened Next…

Take a closer look at that Impossimal on your wall, notice anything unusual about it?

Did you realise that the stripes, colours and body shapes differ quite a bit from year to year?

Ever wondered just what the Impossimals really are?

Well, wait no longer! The Impossimals are REAL!

Real? I Hear you say…

Yes, Real! we reply!

Let me explain…

Every Impossimal, every scene and every style is based on a real person and a real story. You can identify individuals in each painting by looking at their body shape, head shape, stripe layout, stripe colour, eye colour and ear colour. Once somebody is turned into an Impossimal they get to keep the look in every painting and we start to tell their story, almost like an Impossimal documentary.

We  rarely reveal the identity of the people behind the Impossimal but as a special treat tonight we thought you would like to find out a little more.

So why are you reading this in the first place? Well, it’s all because of Ken.

Ken was one of the reasons for creating the latest ‘A Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Bake’ Impossimal collection along with cake, biscuits and of course not to forget cake because…

Ken bakes.

Ken bakes big.

Ken bakes big cakes that make you happy.

And happily full.

Very, very happily full.

So Ken, after wandering into our lives a year ago when we moved Impossimal HQ and baking us a cake now features in no less than three Impossimal paintings from the latest collection charting Ken and his cakey-bakery life immortalised forever in happy cakes from wondrous bakes!


So this is Ken (bottom left) rolling around in submission waving his spoon like a white flag after sampling his latest and greatest creation the quad chocolate, six layered super fudge flakey-teaser crowd-pleaser, a mere morsel of a creation from the bakey capable hands of Ken. You can always recognise Ken from the narrow stripe across the eyes, slightly egg shaped body (a baking body as we like to call it) and the rich red purple colouring with blue eyes. Ken also likes spoons and jam, so each version of Ken holds a spoon and plenty of jam features gooey-ly in all the pieces too.

Now you know what Ken looks like lets see how he prepares to bake…

Yay! Ken ‘rolls’ into the kitchen with anything and everything he needs to make a crazy, wonderful, tasty, fabulous cake! Only Ken could put all these ingredients into one cake and make them fab! Go Ken! Like a Rolling Scone!

Bake Off

And when Ken really sets too and bakes his little heart out he really does bake, witness Kens Cake Of Cakes, the ultimate baddass Bake Off with a Totem Cake, seven cakes (count them!) in one. Luxury beyond belief, waistlines beyond average, it’s time for the elasticated belt again, Kens baked!

So this is Ken, One of seventy two people now immortalised as Impossimals.

That is all.


You want to see Ken?

I couldn’t possibly show you a *real* picture of Ken with a lovely cake he baked could I?

Maybe I could…

Maybe I should…


Here’s Ken!


Don’t forget to say Hi! to Ken, you can find him tagged in this post on Facebook!

Hi Ken!

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