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He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink

Take our psychological profiling test to find out what drink are you.

I am…

A) Outgoing
B) Loud
C) Rude
D) Polite
After a night on the lash I like to have for breakfast…
A) A Frothy Mocca Latte Frapachino
B) A fry up with bacon buttie sandwiches
C) Last nights pizza. Cold.
D) Cereal and a glass of milk to rehydrate
On my way home after a heavy night I like to…
A) Ride in a supermarket trolley and take home a road cone as a momento
B) Sing at the top of my voice before dropping to the floor like a sack of spuds which I repeat until I reach my front door
C) Uncontrollably urinate in public places, shout and leave behind multicolour yawns on the pavement before pushing infront of a taxi rank queue and starting a fight
D) Climb in to the pre-ordered taxi before I get too drunk, after all I don’t want to wake up with a headache as I have Yoga tomorrow
As a night out treat you pop into the local chip shop and order…
A) A kebab
B) A kebab and chips with plenty of Mayo
C) Chips, pie, peas, kebab meat, mayo, gravy and a buttered cob so you can eat half and spread the other half down the side of a bus shelter
D) Nothing as I realise I have entered the wrong shop and was looking for the place that sold natural orange juice
Last orders is called, what do you do?
A) Consider having a top up
B) Have a top up
C) Order as many drinks as you can comfortably carry and then some
D) Make your excuses that you have to go and hurry to your pre-ordered taxi
Mostly A’s
You are Vodka the choice of confident people who like to have fun. Behind the scenes it’s a different matter as you have a tendency to hide Vodka everywhere so you can have a quick ‘nip’ minimising the risk of detection due to its easily coverable odour. Vodka is confidence fuel and you know it, drinking at work has become the norm, drinking at home has become part of your day.
Mostly B’s
You are lager, your beer belly hangs below your knees and pints with the lads is your weekend. Your ability to not break the seal ( do five pints without going to the loo ) is legendary and your mates call you Big Dave. Your interests include football, football and ocassionally football. You like football but think they are all overpaid. A scale model of the Eiffel Tower made out of lager cans stands in your living room.
Mostly C’s
What an absolute p***head are you! You are wine and your tawdry habit makes you an absolute uncultured slob with your posh this and posh that. Everyone knows when you’ve been at the bottle as you start to point with your glass and talk very loudly. You don’t know your Pinot from your Grigio but take delight in pinching up and down the wine alley at the supermarket pretending you do and secretly laughing when somebody picks up the wine from slimming world. You have a nose for wine, it’s shaped like a corkscrew.
Mostly D’s
You are BORING and only drink milk or something, lighten up a little, get a few shots down your neck and you might be interesting. Drink Pernod for personality, Whisky to get frisky and again to make you sin. Loser!
N.B.All results are compiled by www.whataloadofcobblers.com and are completely accurate to within 0.000001% of accuracy



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