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Get On My Goat

I’m always on the lookout for a source of amusement and this weekend my amusement levels were satisfied when I found this, a goat simulator. I’d love to be a goat, endless energy, ability to eat anything and of course the general giddy inquisitiveness coupled with a random notion to be mischievous.

Anyway the goat simulator is excellent, it’s like a GTA for farm animals as you are cast as an indestructible goat in an open free play world where you can bleat, jump, feint and explore to your hearts content. Even better you can lick things or stick your tongue to objects allowing you to drag them around the world. Of course there’s not much point to the game apart from collecting objects but that’s not where the fun is, no, the fun is discovering all the great things you can do as a goat.

Imagine butting things, imagine butting a basketball, a table, a barbecue onto passing pedestrians. Or standing in front of a crowd of people bleating endlessly until you either become bored yourself or decide to go on a kicking and butting spree. Fancy trashing a house? Then go ahead, climb in through a window and wreck the joint. As you can see I enjoyed it a lot.

Exploring as a goat can reap rewards too, our intrepid goat can climb ladders allowing for some super views before activating the feint button to drop like a ragdoll on a passing pedestrian. Bored with goating? Then grab yourself a goat jet pack and fly through a greenhouse, try goat club a kind of fight club for goats or even lick a firework and watch what happens.

My favourite though is the trampolines and the water slide, both of which are great if you feint at the right time.

There is even a goat version of flappy bird tucked away in one of the houses, something that kept me amused for a while. But, my all time favourite goaty thing to do combines everything all at once. I bounce on the trampoline bleating with my tongue stuck to a barbecue whilst wearing the jet pack then when I’m high enough I activate it and feint at the same time. Hilarious.

Or maybe not.

Ho hum, I’m so easily pleased.


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