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Electric Boogaloo

I can never get on with storms, they don’t excite me they frighten me, although I do have a wish to become a storm chaser in America at some point which goes against everything really. Looking at the forecast fills me with dread, two days of thunder storms like being in a perpetual horror movie, that said wasn’t there a link between a thunderstorm and Damien from the Omen series being born?

Anyway probably the most freakiest weather I have witnessed was on a perfectly normal day with little cloud cover although the weather seemed heavy just like today. Both myself and Jayne were chatting away in the garden when out of the blue came an enormous crackling sound overhead, just like a static discharge. The noise was so loud we both dropped to the floor as if we had been shot. It was tremendous, almost ear shatteringly loud, certainly strong enough to feel the shock waves on your body. As I hit the floor I looked up expecting to witness the end of the earth but instead I saw flashes amongst the clouds and lots and lots of balls of lightning drifting away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think they were UFO’s, fairies, spirits or the multitude of other objects they have been called, these were a reaction from the silicone in the soil combining with oxygen after being struck by lightning. It was amazing to witness but eerily scary too. You can learn about them here on Youtube http://youtu.be/DbA7ukxXYYo

They drifted away and faded, there was no more thunder and no rain either, it was also the second time it had happened, the first was in 1989 on a relatively calm but humid night. Only this time we were indoors and the crackling bang was so loud we thought the roof of our house had been hit. Rushing outside there was nothing, just a cloud covering. We spent the next hour in the attic, up ladders, anything really to try and find a logical explanation but we could find no damage anywhere. It remained a mystery until the second event only then did we realise that both sounds including the crackling were exactly the same.

Not sure if its lucky or unlucky, if its unlucky the third strike will probably rearrange my body parts somewhat. And that is why I’m a little wary of thunder storms, oh, and clowns and daddy long legs and dogs in stockings and the list goes on and on…

Ooo, look a sparkly ball is drifting towards me!



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