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Crosswerdy the new real cross words you hear everyday disguised using cunning riddles, can you solve the crosswerdy and become a potty mouth pundit?


1. Sounds like anchor but describes a friend.

2. My first is in Mickey but not in mouse, my second in louse and also in house, you climb for my third but do not fall because my last is in cake but not eat at all.

3. Don’t make a donkey of yourself.

4. Spellcheckers are flickers.

5. They bounce, roll and you may need them to stand your ground.


1. A kick in the snickers.

2. You can take it or you can do it standing or sitting down.

3. King Richard would turn in his grave to know this slang.

4. Eartha Kitt would too!

5. It opens doors and eyes if used right.

6. It holds wood together perfectly.

7. I am shandy but call me hank, my first name is William I work at a bank.


*****, ******, ****, ******, *********

Did you get them all?

1-5 Sorry, you are not potty mouthed enough try watching Celebrity Juice for tips.

5+ Well done, you can eff and Jeff like the best of them, have a ****** good day you ***** *******!


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