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Crap-U-Like Shopping Channel

Item 128/635

These luxurious headphones are the perfect accompanyment to any Apple product, simply plug in, tune in and drop out. Made from hard wearing plastic by the Japanese giant Doilooklikeatit you will be instantly recognisable as having taste and sophistication as well as appreciating fruit related electronic products. Don’t be a banana, be a BANANABRAIN today!

£29.95 available in Yellow or Unripe

Item 918/827


Turn your cat into a symphony of destruction with our add on laser gun. Watch with glee as cat vaporises the dog, laugh with mirth as Aunty Ethel has her ears erased with a quick cat blast. Use your cat to cut sheet metal, open tins with one glance or turn balls of wool into flaming firebombs effortlessly. Optional jet pack available to watch your cat fly like a bird.

£99.99 Batteries not included

Item 183/827


Don’t get caught out in inclement weather, with Tie Dry your always prepared for the worst even though your dressed the worst. One tug and your tie turns into our patented Brollybow for a stylish ‘man about town’ look that will have the ladies swooning. Made from the finest nylon it’s guaranteed for a full thirty days or no money back!

£24.99 Available in blue, puce and donkey green

Item 927/628


Impress the ladies, impress passing dogs, even impress watching donkeys with your massive manhood. Pump to give you hump, pump it so hard your hair stands on end. Excellent ice breaker at parties, talking point at most events also can be made to point at talking events. Use our battery operated Erectoblast for instant pumping action, go from niff to stiff in milliseconds, launch cutlery from your crotch or just use it and abuse it with Rump Pump you have it all at your beckoning.

£54.99 Sent in brown wrapper with RUMP PUMP printed discretely in six inch high letters on the side.

Item 926/736


Bacon, bowl, need I say more? Everything taste better with bacon.

£9.99 Specify smokey or streaky when ordering.

Crap-U-Like (0101726) 72651738 24 hour ordering of crap direct to your door.


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