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Come Dine With Alice

Queen Alice table
Queen Alice table

Fancy visiting a wonderful sea front hotel for a spot to eat or a quiet drink in sumptuous surroundings? Do you like Alice in Wonderland and the Impossimals and wish you could pop your head into their world for a little while?

Now you can with The Downcliffe Hotel in Filey and their new Lost Alice themed bar area complete with sculptures, ‘A Place Of Uncommon Nonsense’ and specially wrapped Lost Alice tables as shown here.

It’s not the first time that the Impossimals have entered the Downcliffe; you could stay in bedrooms that come complete with limited edition Impossimal artwork or stand in the foyer and look at ‘The Management’ in the reception area, a little peek around the corner and other Impossimals greet you all accompanied by Darren and Lizzie’s warm welcome and complimentary striped carpet to match the artwork.

We have stayed at the hotel a few times and can honestly say that it really is a great place to relax, in fact it was so relaxing that I managed a few years ago to design a whole tour in one short afternoon when we stayed for a few days. The sea lapping at the shore, the radio turned down low in the corner and the window wide open letting in the refreshing air all served to aid a sense of relaxation. So if you are passing, pop in, you are sure to be surprised and enchanted by such a unique picturesque hotel and maybe, just maybe, you will find my hidden sketch in one of the rooms…

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