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Blogging Hell

Just over a week to go until the launch of the latest Impossimal collection and I’m sat writing artists notes, a few stories and reviewing all the material needed for the releases. Its something you would have thought I would be bored of by now but it’s still as fun, fresh and exciting as it was ten years ago and that to me is the most important bit.

You can always tell boredom, it shows in the type of work that you produce. It certainly does with mine so I have a boredom banisher and you are reading it, its the blog. Each day I sit down with a blank screen until something pops into my head. It may be an experience, something I have heard or even an idea after flicking through some of the collection of old reading material I keep to hand, either way I do not start work until I have written something, it gets my mind active you see.

So the blog is very important but in the age of social media so it seems is everything else. When I started the blog at the end of 2005 social media was in its relative infancy so I could lavish time on the blog, the only thing is I didn’t. Instead you got boring arty farty entries about painting and lets be honest, there’s only so much about that you want to read from an artist spouting off about their art but a strange thing happened as I started to join Facebook and Twitter, the blogs got more and more complex. I don’t know why, it just happened but a typical day now consists of the blog, attending to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and the World Of Impossimal Facebook page along with all the websites. You would have thought that all this extra activity would have made the blog a very small part of the day but no, it’s blossomed and grown far beyond what I would have thought, it’s become therapeutic.

So todays blog is about the blog to help me blog about something so I can start painting paintings and write writing for notable notes whilst Jayne creates all the golden hares we need to start with.

Got that? Good because things are going to move quickly and get mighty tricky over the next few weeks I wouldn’t like you not to be up to speed with all this malarkey!

Only 8 days to go…

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