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“I love nudes, it’s got to be a full nude though, none of that hidden tits stuff. I do like your Whatabanker though, it sounds a bit like Whataw@&£?!. Hahaha!’ Said the 89 year old woman heralding another chapter in the appearance slash carpark picnics that seem to be our life at the moment. Things like this really make events memorable, just getting a chance to meet everybody and give a little back is a great experience and I know we are only reaching a third through the tour but I’d just like to thank everyone so far who has come to them it’s been fab and fun, it all carries on this coming weekend with just one show.

This coming Saturday 12th October we return to Norwich after a three year absence to a newly located Castle Fine Art for their opening show. It’s a fab new space so pop along if you can between 12-3pm for what promises to be a great day full of Impossimals old and new.

Saturday started as usual with a carpark picnic with a nice romantic view of a few muddy puddles to take in as we munched away.

It was our third visit to Leeds and everytime it gets busier and busier, as you can see above. It remained like this for four and a half hours, a mammoth appearance.

Plenty of happy smiley faces which we love to see, a nice day and the sun came out too.

Sunday was Preston’s turn and we turned up to The Original Art Shop, a trim and lovely laid out gallery, again it’s our third visit and a chance to catch up with many collectors who have become familiar faces over the years of our visits.

So a nice weekend, a bit of a jaunt, a bit of sun and plenty of sunshine and smiles, everything appearances should be.

We even had a present on Saturday in Leeds when someone decided to help us out a little with our next picnic. Our car had been decorated with a cupcake thoughtfully smeared around the doors and placed decoratively on the windscreen in a very arty way. All in all a very fun, odd, tit liking old woman of a weekend with a bit of baking thrown in, you can’t get better than that.


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