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Bitstripping Action

My name is Bertie Brewster, dirty Bertie to friends and I’m here to warn you that there is a new threat to our society as a whole, its called bitstripping and is appearing on Facebook newsfeeds everywhere. But there’s something you didn’t know, its filth masking as entertainment, pure filth allowing anyone to make filth and create such filth that I feel filthy just blogging about it.

Take this, after only five minutes I had already created a leading porn actor called Mike Monsterpants. Even worse you can choose provocative poses such as this clutch thrust. My filthometer hit ten as the realisation hit me about this corrupting bit of entertainment.

Barely ten minutes later and this strumpet hit my screen. Miss Legs Askew, a veritable amazon of a lady with workable front horns and a seductive smile. I was gobsmacked, how can they allow this to be freely available? I twiddled with a few more knobs and after several hours of fumbling the results were shocking.

Full graphic photo realistic representations of sexy stuff with no filters or warning, I was physically sick that this is allowed to be distributed freely around the Internet and I for one shall be writing to my MP just as soon as I find out who that is.

Until then be aware, this new Bitstripping craze is ruining our children, if I had my way I would smash up all the spinning jenny’s and boycott this new horseless carriage. I’d also give them all six lashes of the birch, it never did me any harm did it nanny?

Nanny? Nanny? Bring the whip Bertie has been a very naughty boy, Bertie want spank, spank.

Ohhhh, thank you Nanny…

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