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#6 & #7 Glasgow and Edinburgh

I’m sat in bed like a flailing dying swan after our 700 mile round trip to bonnie Scotland over the weekend feebly typing the blog one finger at a time. I really am getting too old for all this gallivanting around although secretly dear blog I did enjoy it and found it all rather exciting.

Although if you asked me that last night as we set off from Edinburgh on a five hour return journey I was far from civil and excited. I was even more uncivil three hours later when a road maintenance engineer shielded by his flashing lorry sign and who should have really known better decided to throw out a road cone quite violently in front of us in pitch darkness that settled in our path. That wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been for the fact that we were travelling at 70mph and he followed it up by realising his mistake and dashed out to kick it across the road. he came rather close to resembling strawberry jam, what a silly man. Although the word silly didn’t issue from my mouth last night I can assure you.

Anyway the rest of the journey remained incident free apart from a van of unknowns careering across three lanes of traffic, onto the hard shoulder and back again gleefully nearly taking out several cars including ours. Sigh, some shocking drivers out there.

Where was I? Ah, Scotland, home of the brave, land of the free, host to the Impossimals. First stop Glasgow.

 Always a favourite we managed to finally pull in a visit to Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum before the show, a place we had always wanted to visit and to manage a two mile walk through some of the old streets which was all rather nice as the weather had turned a nice blue colour and the sun started to shine.

One thing we didn’t realise was that it was a Scottish Bank Holiday in some areas and my, was it busy in Glasgow.

 A great appearance on our sixth return to the city and we met up with friends new and old including for the first time Kirsty pictured above who not only came along travelling a very long way but also bought along a gift, two boxes of Impossimal cupcakes that had safely made the journey.

 Made by Claires Cakes (click here) these were fantastic; lovely soft sponge with yummy Impossimal additions, highly recommended.

 It was a very busy appearance, most things had already pre-sold before we got there so we walked into a gallery full of red dots signifying a new owner.

 We have known may collectors over a number of years, Louise pictured here is one of those who we love to meet when we visit as are the many other collectors we now consider as friends up and down the country. Don’t forget you can always join us on Facbook here, we don’t run a fan page instead come along and add us as a friend 🙂

 Edinburgh, another fine day and another wonderful city. We did a few touristy things before the show at the relatively new Castle Fine Art which was celebrating it’s first year almost to the day with our show.

 A fine gallery right next to Harvey Nichols decked out inside with plenty of Impossimals and…

 …hats which Jayne tried out Fagin style, or is that chimney sweep? Lord, luv a duck!

It got busy, very busy for a first appearance in a new gallery as these things normally take time to build upon but the show was fab leaving us both very tired but extremely happy.

So that’s another weekend down, this coming weekend we are back through the borders and appearing at Leeds and Preston for an assault on the west, see you there.

P.S. Yes, Other weird things did happen this weekend but that’s for another blog, especially if you like snootiness, golf and a little problem with a rampant sausage.

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