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#15 & #16 Bawtry & Derby

 The tour rampages on, over the weekend we returned to Limited2Art in Bawtry and made our first ever visit to The Original Art Shop in Derby, both memorable events taking our tally to sixteen appearances so far with plenty more to come including our two hundredth appearance scheduled for Meadowhall later in the month. A full list can be found at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk

 Our appearances at Limited2Art are always busy and Saturdays appearance was no exception remaining busy right through the three hours. Halfway through the event I received a pleasant surprise.

 Unbeknownst to me the gallery had arranged a special commission from Carol Elder, a creator extraordinaire who had taken inspiration from my Cantering Caketacular Queen Of Bakes and made this as a gift.

 A fab set of drawers with all the elements taken from my story and painting, it even had a top that flipped up to reveal a miniature copy of my painting. Wonderful! It now stands proudly next to my hand built sets in my studio and you never know may even feature in some form in other future paintings.

 A great day, we even had a few Tuppenny Pennysauruses find new homes 🙂

 Sunday was Derby’s turn and The Original Art Shop, a relatively new gallery with a wonderful glass fronted space.

 For a first appearance it went fabulously well, again we were busy the entire appearance and for the very first time the new sculptures started to arrive, so any of you that has pre-ordered either of them don’t worry, yours will be with you soon!

 A lovely weekend, not too much travelling, a new car park to try which turned out to be a bit confusing with it’s multiple entrances / exits and of course great galleries and collectors.

This coming week we try and do the Impossimal, Castle Galleries, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol on Saturday 2-5pm then we whisk up to Castle Galleries in Chester for a Sunday appearance 12-3pm for a 48 hour tour-a-thon with twelve hours on the road, umpteen miles to cover and two mega shows slowly building up to a finale as the full mystery of Bloodlines unfolds up and down the country.

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