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#10 Norwich

 I’ll keep today’s blog entry about the weekend short, in fact I could reduce it down to one word. Wow!
It had been nearly three years since we visited Castle Fine Art in Norwich so it was nice to return, not only to Norwich but also to a newly located Castle Fine Art and boy is it great. From the outside the gallery looks thin and narrow but once inside it opens up to a fantastic showcase of a place.

 The appearance was very busy, so busy in fact that we got very little in the way of photos as pretty much we were chatting away for over four hours. The gallery filled up then filled up a bit more, at times it was almost shoulder to shoulder in places. All the gallery staff had done a great job in organising the event and the time went by so quickly.

As usual a big thank you to everyone who came along and thank you for being so patient when the queues started to form. Great day, great gallery, great hosts and well worth a visit if you are passing, if only to see the posh glass to wall effect in the viewing room!

This coming weekend we are at Castle Galleries in York on Saturday and we have our very first visit to Art Market in Cottingham on Sunday. We are both looking forward to both events as the Impossimals move around the country and we visit gallery number #11 and #12 on our 30 date tour, see you there 🙂

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