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Bit of a strange blog entry today triggered by a sort out of photos from the last nine years as I rediscover some extraordinary moments as I build up the World Of Impossimals board on Pinterest. I’m trying to get together all the photos from ourselves and collectors that have made it such a memorable time and share them with you and maybe even add some of your photos. So if you have any photos you would like me to include on the new Pinterest board just let me know, it can be of you with an Impossimal picture, something you have made or just some random Impossimal related item.

To get you started here are a few random photos and things from over the years starting with the above photo, a shot taken at my publishers in 2010 as I let them see the latest batch of Impossimals for the first time.

Around the same time we did the Great Impossimal Giveaway, the idea was to simply send in a photo of you with an Impossimal and the most creative would get a prize.

Instead we had already decided to give prizes to everyone who entered and eventually gave away over £5000 in prizes after receiving some marvellous entries.

One night this photograph popped into our in box from a collector. It’s a hand carved wooden Impossimal chess set specially created for their love of Impossimals. It really is a work of art and each piece is highly detailed.

The Elephant Parade was a big turning point for the Impossimals, an estimated 56 million people saw the event when over two hundred life sized baby elephants invaded London for a summer event I will never forget involving so many fabulous people and places and finally cumulating with a television and photo session at the National History Museum.

In 2014 we returned for the third year running to help judge the UK’s Children Fine Art Exhibition, a superb free entry event run in conjunction with the International Children’s Fine Art Exhibition. It’s such an important event being the only nationally run competition encouraging children and art so it’s no surprise that the judge lineup includes some of the top artists working today.

Further memories came flooding back as we discovered the photos from our many school visits over the years.

It’s always great to see how young minds tackle the Impossimals and in some cases you get nothing but pure Impossimal innocence and some fabulous paintings.

Plus as a bonus I get to sit on small chairs in the dining room and have proper school dinners, gravy, custard, the lot!

Other random events take us out of our comfort zone and into uncharted territories as we found out bumping into this top chef unexpectedly at one summer event.

Globally the Impossimals have been steadily moving around the continents, in 2008 they were featured in the Hong Kong Marie Claire which was first bought to our attention when the hits on our website from Hong Kong suddenly spiked over a weekend.

Inside was a little feature called Heart With Art and we were sent photos of the exhibition to use on our website.

We had already seen Impossimals reach the USA and several galleries in key locations and the Impossimals continue to find new collectors far and wide.

Of course all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all the galleries and collectors we have met along the way and it’s reflective blog entries like this that make you realise how incredibly fortunate we have been.

If you want to become part of the Impossimal family send in your Impossimal photos to impossimal@gmail.com It can be something you have created, wedding cakes, tattoos – absolutely anything and we will stick it on our new Pinterest board and occasionally feature them on our World Of Impossimals Facebook page.


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