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Last Chance For Chapter Five And A Bit Of Uncommon Nonsense

Evergreen Art Cafe
Evergreen Art Cafe

Tomorrow, Saturday 12th December at The Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry is the last appearance date of the Lost Alice tour, a befitting end at a location so ideally suited to tea and cakes. So for one final time, if you get chance pop along anytime between 11am-3pm for a chat, cup of tea or a bite to eat and enjoy Lost Alice as a collection. We have even saved the final original until the end when ‘Tea For Two And Two For Tea’ will be available for the very first time in preparation for what we have planned over the next few years.

Where’s Chapter 5 of Lost Alice I hear you say? It was supposed to be on the website by now I hear you cry!

Lost Alice and the story has proved immensely popular, so popular that we are now sorting out the best way to progress with the Lost Alice book publication next year after receiving several offers all at the same time so Chapter five has taken a back seat whilst we finalise a lot of the details but it will return just as soon as the dust settles have no fear probably within the next few weeks, full updates as always will appear on our Facebook, website, this blog and on World Of Impossimals page first.IMG_0425


2016 see’s a return to the Impossimals with a brand new selection of Impossimally wonderful creations to delight opening in February with four pieces, one being ‘Wine Club’, a self explanatory Impossimal edition if you are a fan of this years ‘Go Big Or Go Home’, several other pieces bring in elements of love, family and humour to start off the year as we plough on in the studio to produce bigger and better Impossimals with each set of releases.

Lost Impossimal fans too are not ignored, started in 2016 and pencilled in for 2017 is ‘Revelations’, the next instalment of Bloodlines including a welcome return of Sherlock (think London streets, carriages, Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty, smog, gas lamps and gunfire) and a few other favourites combined with a mysterious new shop of childhood past. The next Lost Alice collection to accompany the book will be called ‘The Seven Sins Of Alice’ and will also be started in 2016 although this is a two year project so may well not be completed until 2018 due to the scope and nature of some of the paintings, paintings that require the creation of seven full maquette’s and sets, each one measuring at least eight feet in height or length!

So quite a full calendar of work with plenty of wonderful stuff to come your way, I hope we can delight, entice and surprise for many a year to come.

Don’t forget we are both at the Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry this Saturday 12th December between 11-3pm, do pop in if you are passing we would love to see you.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Last Chance For Chapter Five And A Bit Of Uncommon Nonsense

  1. Wow just the amazing news , keep up the good work , and please keep all these wonderful creations coming Peter and Jayne !!!!

    Best wishes

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