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Knicker My Bocker With A Mahoosive Bid!

Don’t forget that this week is your chance to OWN Knickerbockergloria, our Ice Cream eating Ice Dragon raising funds for BREAK! Sponsored by Don and Carole of Bluebird Care Norwich. Knickerbockergloria took a month to create with hundreds of ceramic snowflakes, a see through oil painted centre of favourite ice creams and numerous other additions making a unique Lost Impossimal that has received 1000’s of visitors over the Summer.

Reasons To Own Knickerbockergloria

It’s for a good cause.

It’s raising money for a good cause.

Did I say it’s for a good cause?

She is gorgeous.

Makes an ideal talking point and ice breaker at parties.

Will look great mounted on a car bonnet.

Can fly (occasionally and only on the sixty fifth Sunday of December if it’s an ice moon)

She talks (to me anyway, I cannot guarantee that she will talk to you but she is rather charming none the less)

You will own the only full size Lost Impossimal in the UK.

You get a free gift.

You get a chance to feature in the magazine Mission Impossimal with Knickerbockergloria.

Not many people own a real dragon.

You can add Dragon Handler to your passport and travel first class everywhere, probably.


Glad you asked, simply click here


And bid away, the live auction is tomorrow so do something rash and bid big to win big, you’ve got to be in it to win it, you know you want to you naughty potential Knicerbockergloria owner!

P.S. You also receive the title Lord and Lady Knickerbocker of Gloriana making you rather posh.

To practice bidding here are a couple of blank areas to scribble down potential bids…

I would love to own Knickerbockergloria and make a bid of £_______

I’d be stupid not to bid, TAKE MY MONEY NOW, I bid £_______

Go big, go bid, Go Knickerbockergloria crazy!!!



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