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Back To School

Yesterday I carried on with my pet project based around the history of the electronic buzzer game Operation. As usual with these paintings I take various photos to help with the pose but it just occurred to me that I have never posted any of these silly pictures. So here’s one of the many I used to help with the grip on the left hand.

Likewise, another to aid the blanket draping over the monster, both photos are just some of many I take during the painting process and I have them set to the right of my easel for reference.

It’s slowly getting there, this is only the first layer so there’s not much depth to it yet. Also the hand still needs work and the dips of the blanket are being left until I get the gory bits in. So around eight hours of painting yesterday followed by something I have been really looking forward to.
A few weeks ago a Facebook message popped in my inbox from collector Linda Tomlinson asking me if I would like to come along to the end of year GCSE and A Level art exhibition at a local school where Linda’s daughter Holly had her work on display. I said yes, doubly so when I realised it was at my old school, the last of which found me striding out of its gates nearly thirty years ago.
It’s changed quite a bit but I still had a bit of a tingle as I drove in through the old teachers car park looking for landmarks to recognise. The old buildings had been removed and replaced by a four story mega structure, well ordered and very swish. Gone were the old wooden desks, gone were the cloakrooms, gone unsurprisingly were all the old teachers. Instead we had rooms full of Apple Macs, new science equipment, climbing walls, canteens that looked like restaurants and teachers that no longer looked like teachers although that’s probably because I’m older, I bet they still look like teachers to the students. The only reference I could make between this school and the one I remembered was two old trees that still stood between what used to be the devided boys and girls schools, apart from that everything had gone, mostly in the fire that I blogged about some time ago and photographed from my bedroom window.
We met Linda and was led further into the building to the exhibition.

It was fab, things have really moved on since I last had an art lesson. Some of the artwork being produced was quite astounding, we are talking big pieces too not some small A4 pencil drawings of mushrooms that seemed to make up most of my art education. Holly’s display was very impressive, plenty of work handling light and structure using a variety of materials and techniques. The exhibition was enormous and encompassed an entire floor of the school, impressive.

So I’ll leave you with Holly and her final piece entitled ‘Bubbles’ on display proudly in the canteen area of Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield. Well done Holly!


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