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You Must Be Mad

I didn’t really think a week later I would still be building the first Lost Impossimal set but here I am still with loads of work to go into the piece. It’s been made entirely out of scraps, wire, cardboard and clay and everything is handmade even down to the March hares guillotine and the little iced buns.

Alice in the world of the Lost Impossimals has unfortunately realised that there is indeed two worlds of Wonderland and as she moves from one to another Alice changes. You can see part of her has altered as she leans across the table into a world of madness and her hair and clothing change. You will get a more dramatic effect as I put in the background and the lights, the entire landscape will be torn in two. Alice on the right will exist in a safe make believe world whilst the left will show a topsy turvy house with flying furniture and tableware. I’m absolutely loving making all the different items, I can wait to start some of the other pieces.

The entire scene when finished will be photographed and form the basis for the painting. For such a large amount of work I really can’t see me destroying it like the previous Lost Impossimals scenes so instead it’s going to be secured down and covered with a hard coating to preserve it and will more than likely feature at a future exhibition and will probably be offered for sale some time in the future.

A full feature length story is also being written to accompany the project; a story that will come together with twelve others to make a small book of short tales that expands on the opening Bloodline stories and unravels more of the mysteries of the Lost Impossimals.

Just the beginning of the journey, just remember a mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

Oh, nearly forgot! We are at Castle Galleries, Wolverhampton tomorrow Saturday 15th between 1-4pm, if you’re passing pop in and say hello, we would love to see you!


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