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Saying Goodbye

Over the years we have both supported many charities raising much needed funds but occasionally opportunities come along that offers something completely different, support from a very personal level on a subject rarely spoken about. Which is why today’s blog entry is about Saying Goodbye, a not-for-profit organisation of which both myself and Jayne are proud of being invited to be part of and offer our support by accepting the chance to become a Saying Goodbye Advocate.

Losing a baby is not an easy thing to bring up, losing five and the heartache it brings is unimaginable but this is all part of the story that prompted the creation of Saying Goodbye and the reason Saying Goodbye is so important to everyone who has experienced this loss.

The Saying Goodbye services have been created by Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates, who have personally suffered the loss of five babies. They are now blessed with having two vibrant little girls, one who is 3-years and the other who is 9-months

“We wanted to formally remember the children we have lost and so we created the Saying Goodbye organisation as a legacy in their honour. We hope the services will help thousands of other people who also feel a need to acknowledge their babies, and to recognise their wonderful lives, however short they were. People will have the opportunity to pay tribute to their babies, whist grieving together and formally saying goodbye, which may be something they have never done before. To just stand in a room with hundreds of other people who have all been through a similar experience knowing everyone is there to support one another will be such a powerful moment, we hope it will be life changing to many”

You can read Zoe’s personal story here, alternatively you can lean more about Saying Goodbye by visiting their website here.


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