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Meadowhall Appearance Saturday 18th 1-4pm

Eeek! We are so excited! Tomorrow we will be at the special Mr & Mrs Smith World Of Impossimals event at Castle Galleries in Meadowhall between 1-4pm. It’s a great chance to see lots of new Impossimals, hunt for the unique golden hares and meet us both for a chat in a nice smiley, happy environment for all the family.

Come along, it’s entirely free! Bring a friend, bring an Impossimal piece for us to sign, bring yourself to one of the most popular Impossimal venues easily accessed just off the M1 near Sheffield.

In addition to the Impossimals there will also be a collection of Jayne’s ceramic artwork that really has to be seen to be believed and Jayne will be on hand to tell you the secrets of her artwork and just how a fuse, a screwdriver, a golf tee and a pastry cutter led her to create the collection.

Oh, and there will be drinks, dancing dogs, showgirls, a trapeze artist, a full twenty one gun salute, sixty three horses performing Bolero and a dog called Colin.

N.B. Some, all, or none may be or maybe not be at the event, although you are guaranteed two ageing talkative dressed in the dark artists banging on about Impossimals.

See you tomorrow!


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