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May Madness!

As part of a bit of May madness I have decided to clear out sections of the studio to make room for all the latest Alice paintings so whilst my brain is in this feverish state of dizzy excitement I’m offering these two personal paintings up to find a new home.
If you would like something quite unusual then these probably fit the bill; both were painted to build up my knowledge of capturing different surfaces and textures, metal, water and gloss on one and glass, smoke, skin and fire on the other.

 ‘Snow White’ 
Oil On Board / 12” x 12”

 ‘The King Is Dead, Long Live The King’
Oil On Board / 24” x 15”

If you are interested in either of these unframed, signed originals then contact us at pete@petersmithcollective.co.uk – it’s a first come first served I’m afraid or at least until my fevered brow returns back to normal!

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