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Get Ready To ROAR!

On Sunday get ready to greet our GoGoDragon ‘Knickerbockergloria’ sponsored by Bluebird Care as she arrives at her special VIP place outside the Apple Store in the Chappelfields complex, Norwich. With footfall of over 20,000 people a day she will be hard to ignore!

Taking over six weeks to complete she was created using a variety of techniques; acrylic and oil paint for her body, ceramics for her snowflake wings and a hard wearing glitter coat covered in resin to finish off, she even has several scoops of ice cream placed in the curve of her tail, again made out of clay and resin finished. Her central freezer unit was first created as a miniature model so we could see both sides of it and the same effect was then transferred to her body. Simply stand on one side and look through at all the ice creams, go to her opposite side and you see an accurate view back as if she was really in 3D. Incredible fun to do and lots of hidden things to discover in her painting and decoration should you get chance to see her in all her glory.

Dragon trail maps are already available online and off line and thousands are expected to hunt them all down over the next three months in a dragon frenzy. Knickerbockergloria also features in a special dragon sticker book and postcard souvenir collection available from many locations throughout Norwich.

Knickerbockergloria is indeed a special dragon; she’s an ice cream dragon who lives under Mariners Hill in Blakeney, Norfolk just behind the ice cream parlour. To celebrate her association with ice cream you will be able to buy a special Knickerbockergloria ice cream creation from Ronaldo Ices, just look for their special ice cream barrows. The sale of each Knickerbockergloria ice cream contributes directly to the Break charity and is extremely yummy too!

Knickerbockergloria has a few secrets of her own, if you have a NFC enabled phone simply scan her body for secret NFC activation areas to learn more about her story and see if you can identify all her hidden ice creams, some familiar others taken from history.


Now the fun bit WE want YOU to VISIT Knickerbockergloria and do something for us, HAVE YOUR PHOTO TAKEN with her and ROAR!!!!! at the same time! The best photo at the end of the three months WINS the original Knickerbockergloria OIL PAINTING signed by both of us worth £1000!!!!


Post on Facebook and tag us or Knickerbockergloria


Post on Twitter and include @impossimal or @sapphire1dragon


Post on Instagram and hashtag #impossimal


Post of the World Of Impossimals Facebook page


Simply send your photo to pete@petersmithcollective.co.uk

It’s that simple!

1. Find Knickerbockergloria

2. Take a photo of you ROARING with her

3. Send it to us or tag us

4. Cross your fingers!

The more creative the better but don’t worry we will take every photo into account and include the best later on in the year as part of the Mission Impossimal magazine release!

Knickerbockergloria will appear on the 21st June, go find her and good luck!


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