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Your Computer Popular Weekly Program

Computers are exciting, there is nothing more satisfying than a bit of RAM to wake you up in the morning that you can POKE a BYTE into. Quite often I have breakfast with my ZX-81 and cook my eggs on its overheating heat sink. It’s 1K of RAM is more than enough to satisfy my lust for computing power. Now I can share that with you with the EXCITING COMPUTER MAGAZINE exclusively available on 1200/75 baud modems everywhere.



Purchasers of the new ZX-Spectrum have finally taken delivery of their new machines after a short delay due to demand. Sinclair apologised for the delay which in some cases exceeded the 28 days by 27 years. Arthur Crimblecock of Southampton said ‘I’m absolutely delighted to receive it after all this time, unfortunately my children are now nearly thirty and couldn’t give a toss about it but I have plans to run my own powerstation with the 16k of memory and sexy rubber keyboard’


Wait no more the latest Apple computer the Apple II will be available in the UK later this week for less than £400. Requiring nothing more than a ordinary television its set to revolutionise the computing world. The Apple III will go on sale two weeks later for £500 followed by the Apple IIII in six weeks time which features a new wood effect case and an off and on switch all for £600. Apple plan to release more new machines on a three week basis.


Is it possible to use my BBC Model B to reanimate a sausage? I have been reliably informed that if I hook a sausage up to the centronics printer port and type in the command *dir sausagelive the sausage will be able to walk unaided. Do you know which is the best banger to reanimate?

E.A.Walls, Bangor

I own a VIC 20 and thinking of buying an elephant, can you recommend and elephant that can type as I am having difficulty locating one and my local zoo is no help at all as they don’t know what a VIC 20 is?

G.Raffe, Arafarafaraf

I am interested in computers and understand that I can program them, can you tell me how to program them to record Fawlty Towers on the BBC?


Guide your fighter through the depths of space with our latest game for the ZX-81

15 REM Enter your own INKEY$ routine to move the ‘V’ left and right
16 LET A=0
20 PRINT “*”;
25 LET A=A+1
30 GOTO 20
40 CLS; GOTO 10


by N.Ipple
Computer games have come along way over that last few years and arcade conversions have become the norm. It’s very rare to come across something new in this tried and tested arena so imagine my surprise when I loaded up MEGA KONG. I was blown away, literally. It’s like playing a movie! From the opening screen where an actual animated KONG bounces up and down on realistic looking platforms to the detail maintained right down to KONGS nipples. It literally made my jaw drop on seeing a game that blows that arcade graphics out of the water. Literally I can’t imagine game graphics getting any better than this, its so good I would go as far as to say BUY IT, you won’t regret it! 

by A.Noying

Another arcade conversion of a well know game called SPACE GORF MEETS PACMAN INVADERS OF PHOENIX see’s our hero, a simple frog face the terrors of getting home.

From the outset you can tell its a quality game with the extensive on screen instructions with tell you everything you need to know to enjoy your true arcade experience. 

It’s when the game starts that you notice it is indeed special, cartoon graphics bring the whole thing to life when you are faced with a speeding motorway in full colour to navigate. Your frog is especially detailed and fully animated using a staggering two frames a second. The sound is put to full use with a pleasant beep when you reach home.

Thoroughly enjoyable 9/10


ZX-Toad wanted, will swap for Commodore Commode and a packet of Rolo’s

ZX-Spectrum for sale, 48K. printer, joystick, £2000 worth of games, £5000 worth of computer furniture, £10000 worth of tinned peaches. £2.50 O.N.O, buyer must like peaches.

Dragon for sale, 32K colour, may be faulty as does not breath fire. £10

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