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You’ll Like This, Not A Lot

Welcome to the magic world of Shawl Daniels and his lovely assistant Peggie McGee, prepare to be bewildered and amazed in fun sized proportions with feats of mystery beyond compare!

I’m Shawl Daniels and I have some tricks that you are going to like, not a lot, but you will like them. Not a lot but you will like them in a not a lot kind of way but you will like them.

Think of a card, any card between A and Z. Hold that thought whilst I bring on my assistant…with your CARD!!!!

Is this your card? Are you sure it’s not? Ah well, sorry folks I’m just fooling around, you’re going to like this, not a lot, but you will like this more than a little.

Is this your card? Of course it is! You have a birthday each year so at some point you will get a birthday card, now THAT’S MAGIC!!!

Watch carefully folks as I perform a trick that is one of the most dangerous ever devised. The see-saw circular saw sling shot, a trick that will see me catapult a working circular saw from one end of the see-saw to the other, I will then catch it in my mouth to rapturous applause!

Start the saw Peggie McGee my delightfully attractive human goat assistant.


Full throttle please, I want to hear to danger!

I’m ready, launch the saw!



Tis but a scratch! Nothing can stop me!

Groan, pass me my hand Peggie, it’s over there next to my head.


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