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World Of Impossimals

Following on from the Facebook Impossimal page creation a few months ago last night a new section of the Impossimals ‘World Of Impossimals’ was launched with a new collectable online store created to host some of the rarer items that are more than three years old such as calendars and cufflinks. We also didn’t have a web presence for out of print greeting cards so they are there too.

Whilst the store does not sell limited edition prints it does include links to all the galleries that currently host Impossimal creations making it easier to help locate many items from the Impossimals history and of course we do offer an Impossimal locator service on the main website. If you are a gallery and have any rare pieces available that you would like us to feature on World Of Impossimals then send us a link or details and we will add it to our rare print location service.

The new website will also feature in the coming months special items from The Grumpits, our other grumpy creation. We are not exactly sure what the items will be yet so if you have any requests on what could be grumpyfied then let us know.

All this is of course in preparation for the bigger event later this year with the launch of new Impossimal limited editions that are being created as we speak in the studio. We wanted it to be a great year for the Impossimals but also to never lose touch with that specialness that creates an Impossimal. Everything is produced in house, from websites to magazines, from sculpture to paintings, everything without exception is created by myself and Jayne, it’s this I believe keeps the Impossimals so special.

Some of the new work is already looking stunning on the easel and we are both really pleased with the results but fighting the urge to share with you just what we have been up to so far is proving difficult!

The new website can be found from our main site or directly at www.world-of-Impossimals.co.uk


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