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 Today is a big day, not only is a brand new rare 35 edition Impossimal released tonight at a special ticket event in conjunction with the Artmarket Gallery and the Michelin Starred Pipe & Glass but it also begins the countdown to Wonderland being captured in the World Of The Impossimals.

To celebrate the fact and to bring something different for this Bank Holiday weekend we have pulled from our personal collection an edition like no other. When we created the Tuppenny Pennysaurus way back in 2013 we held back number 75 of 75 for the simple reason that it contained objects from future releases, in this case objects from Alice In Wonderland. SO today we are offering a chance for one lucky person to own this unique Atelier edition the ‘Tuppenny Pennysaurus Wonderlander’ which not only contains eight brand new hand painted sweets creating a unique pick’n’mix but also a selection of seven hand painted Alice In Wonderland items from releases later in the year.

Unique and a fitting compliment to the other unique edition of 35 which will be released tonight, don’t forget you can also register for that piece too by contacting www.artmarket.co.uk direct.

You can find the Tuppenny Pennysaurus Wonderlander at World Of Impossimals ( www.world-of-impossimals.co.uk ) by clicking HERE

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