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What Happens Next Will Shock You

 She only wanted to lose a few pounds but what happened next blew her world apart!

 Robbie Williams came along to celebrate, the guys that deluded he would turn up at the opening of a door.

 He had waited all his life for this moment, what happens next will bring you to tears.
 Justin walked onto stage in a Zippy costume wearing nothing but a melon thong.
 This cat saw something he will never forget that will reduce you to tears.
 They are using their goddam shoe for a selfie, OMG shoefies, kill me now.
 This boy wanted a dog, what happened next will delight you.
 The dog won.
 This dog was starving but refused food, the truth why will stun you.
 It was served on a goddam shovel with a side shoe, He’s not eating that crap.
 She wanted a fairytale wedding just like in the fantasy world of Disney, this is what she got.
 He loved Bob The Builder, nuff said. Get in the bucket.
 This bunny could not believe his eyes and you will never guess why.
He lost all respect for humanity when he saw this sign, even bunnies know where to tinkle.

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