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What Fun

Although this year is all about the Impossimals I do set aside a little time to start outlining several new Lost Impossimal pieces one of which is a pitched battle across Londons skyline. It’s a piece that has been rattling about in my head for sometime, not content with the challenges set with the Whatabanker and Big Ben I have decided to go a little further with a piece involving Tower Bridge. I doubt even my paltry model making skills are quite up to the challenge so I did the next best thing to be a head start and purchased a clip together model which will be destroyed in the process of creating the scene.

The whole thing will hinge on a nine foot set, lit from three areas to give a sense of moodiness. I’ll also use a smoke machine to add a murky feel and extra backdrop props from the time period for realism. The main scene will be two Lost Impossimals, one will be the Whatabanker and the second, well, for that you will have to wait and see, suffice to say it will be an equal match. The idea is the painting will set the scene for the rest of the images, from the naive and delightful Lost Impossimals that hold the key to our childhood to action packed adventures with the Sherlock Sidewinder and Moriarty meeting head to head in a hackney carriage gunfight in gas lit streets.

It’s getting quite exciting designing all the things I will need to put them together and gives me something else to think about as I paint the Impossimals although the list of props has already exceeded the size of the studio.

Talking of traditional Impossimals the first batch of Impossimals is ready to go, just a few finishing touches and they will be sent to the publisher and will go towards some new images to be released in September. The images sent to he galleries will include originals, oils sketches and quite possibly some of the maquettes we have created this year for the collection. From July onwards I paint the second batch of Impossimals ready for Spring 2015 and then in late 2014 I start work on the Lost Impossimals taken from the ideas I’m working on now for 2015/16 whilst painting normal Impossimals in 2014.

Confusing? You betcha!

But damn good fun.


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