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What A Waste Of Time

GOGGLEBLOG – E-Mails from our Readers

What a con these so called oven gloves are, I filled mine with cake mix and it didn’t even cook it. Waste of money if you ask me.

P.Diddle, Halifax

Does anybody else go to the toilet at work? I do and find it so rewarding that I get paid to wee.

C.Drumstick, Dundee

Kids say the funniest things, only yesterday my son said ‘I wonder if bananas can sing?’ which was odd as he is a 42 years old bank manager.

Mildred Pilchard, Hull

I should think shoes should come with some kind of health warning, only yesterday I was wearing mine and walked into a lampost, surely it’s only a matter of time before some shoe wearing individual comes a cropper!

R.Sole, Chappelhatpegs

I have dropped two bells and a cherry with three nudges left to win £2, can anybody recommend which reels to nudge?

B.Andit. Jackpot

Second reel twice, third once.

W.Inner, Pennyslot

I went downstairs over Christmas and met my ‘family’, they seem like nice people.

I.Pad, Appleton

This years sales are really disappointing, especially the one at Poundland, I for one will be shopping elsewhere in the future!

T.Hurrupenny, Bits

I went to Iceland this year for all my festive food as recommended on the television, imagine my surprise when all I found was several penguins and lots of snow and my bus trip cost me over £10,000. I for one will never shop there again, I’m sticking to the high street!

G.Raffe, Twycross

Is it just me or does this milk taste off today?

B.Itty, Twine

The best things in life are free so they say but I can’t help feeling bitterly disappointed with my free air in my bag of crisps. Anybody else been disappointed by these ‘free’ gifts?

C.Rap, Monstermunch

I too have been disappointed by ‘free’ things, only yesterday I trod in some free ‘dog eggs’ and was not amused in the slightest, in fact I was so unamused I posted my soiled shoes through the nearest dog owners letterbox.

T.Urd, Wonkydonkey

Why has the blog been quiet over the last five days? I normally use it to cheer myself up after a night of heavy drinking.

T.Twizzler, Norfolk

Well, T.Twizzler have no fear, the blog is back from today with its usual waste of time and excessive drivel, enjoy!

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