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Then And Now

Remember when…


1970’s It’s about t’top field, pint at Woolpack and sheep.

1990’s The start of many ‘tragic’ accidents and dramas, no sheep are mentioned.

2014 Deaths, weddings, births, affairs and lies all in one episode. Sheep have been evicted or turned into chops.

Music Videos In The UK

1970’s Top Of The Pop footage, odd video if song went to number one. Expectations to see your favourite band make a video are high.

1980’s MTV and the age of music video with a 24 hour music channel, Top Of The Pops regularly shows videos. Seeing your favourite bands next video is a must.

1990’s MTV Starts listing directors on the music video credits as music videos become more expensive and sexy. Music videos become more important than the songs.

2014 You are lucky if you get a music video on MTV between the adverts. Music videos contain any or all of the following; money, sex, suggestive moves, controversy and gangsta mentality. Most feature the word love but confuse it with lust and all include offers of ‘the best night of your life’ or similar enticing lyrics.

The News

1970’s The news is on the BBC at six’o’clock precisely, local news is on your regional channels and News At Ten is your final update. An ordered view on the world delivered in an informative style from an uncomfortable chair, live footage is grainy and often smuggled out of the eastern bloc.

1990’s News channels have 24 hour coverage, satellite and cable viewers have access to World news channels as reporting becomes more diverse. News starts to become a little familiar with its viewers, live feeds are more common and comfy couches are wheeled into the revamped studios.

2014 News lives for headlines, the more attention grabbing snippets are turned into adverts. ‘Shock, death and horror, coming later on news at ten’ delivered by a tie wearing presenter perched on the edge of a desk positively urging you to revel in its misery. News is delivered with more emotive words and ticker tape additions flash by on screen to help fill your misery meter.

Children’s Television

1970’s Bagpuss, Pipkins, Andy Pandy, The Herb Garden, Playschool – No shouting, enjoy childhood.

1990’s Get Your Own Back, Fun House, Ninja Turtles – Teaching children to be loud, beat things up with karate chops and talk back to their parents because they are clever.

2014 Cartoons on demand, children’s TV removed from main channels, programs added to help children become performers, meet celebrities and lots of mini versions of adult shows. Innocence is aimed squarely at the three and under market.

Police Car’s

1970’s Flying squads and Sweeny coppers bash narks from sooped up Jaguars. Traditional policemen ride around in a small blue and white Austin 1300 ice cream vans with blue flashing lights and nee-naa sound. Equipment includes truncheon, handcuffs and a notebook, seats were uncomfy.

1990’s Everyone has sooped up Jaguars, all cars are stuffed full of body armour, bigger truncheons, a working heater and comfy seats. A few nice bright blue and red lights and a woooooeeeee siren.

2014 Top of the range cars included in the fleet, can’t tell if it’s a police car, emergency paramedic, or highway police. Lots more lights added including the ability to synchronise the headlights with the flashing display. Siren now emits a variable ooooooeeeeeeoooooahhhhhoooeeeoooahhh followed by a brrrrp, brrrrp. Seats extremely comfortable and heated.

Chocolate Bars

1970’s Match the size of the packaging and taste like chocolate.

1990’s Match 2/3rds of the size of the packaging, doesn’t taste like it used to.

2014 Doesn’t even match the picture on the packet and is so skillfully packed in the same size packaging as you remember but is now only half it’s size. Tastes like flavoured chip fat and probably is.


1970’s £1 would buy you a ten pints, a nice meal and the bus home.

1980’s £1 would buy you a pint in a pub.

2014 £1 buys you half a shandy.


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