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The Keepsake

Last night I received a lovely email from Impossimal collectors Sean and Sarah Moore who had a innovative idea to use a piece of mine called ‘Happy Ever After’ from my All4Love collection released earlier this year as a wedding day keepsake. Each guest was invited to share their thoughts with the happy couple by writing, sketching or doodling on the extended mount board.

Quite unique, I love this type of thing, it’s exactly the reason the Impossimals exist and it always brings a smile to my face when I get such emails. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures they have kindly shared with me.

Incidentally I have started a Pinterest board full of Impossimal cakes, both wedding and occasion that have made me smile over the years, pop along and have a look. If you have one to add let me know and I’ll get it pinned for you. You can find it here – http://pinterest.com/impossimal/impossimal-cakes/


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