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Take A Seat

It’s taken over a month of painting but I’m finally down to the last nineteen Pennysauruses and can start to breathe a sigh of relief. It all looked a fine and dandy way of doing something rather special and indeed it is all rather special it’s just that I’m getting a little ‘sweet wary’ that translates into sweary now that I have painted 522 of the little things.

To stem off the sweet wariness I decided to theme some of the pieces so you may find dotted around the country a Tuppenny Pennysaurus Millionaire for example or one covered in jelly beans or indeed another full of Quality Street. They really are a mixed bunch and far more unique than I intended as I started out. Initially I was only going to add one sweet and change a little of the landscape but it all looked a bit empty and before I knew it I was up to nine. I do like this kind of thing though, forgetting about the wariness I’m feeling I would certainly do it again, maybe with something else like a painting full of classic toys or a mysterious joke shop Lost Impossimal.

For now I am putting aside the remaining Pennysaurus and building a few new sets to give me a break from it this week. Can you guess what I’m working on?

There’s more than one way to be comfortable at home… #homecomforts2 #excited


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