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Stripper Pole

Come and join us tomorrow Saturday 25th April at Castle Galleries, Leeds between 1-4pm for an arty farty extravaganza where we will prance around talking Impossimals completely NAKED whilst gyrating up and down our portable stripper pole.

OK, maybe not naked BUT there will be plenty of Impossimals, drink flowing from specially imported fifty foot wine fountains held aloft by an army of muscled, tanned men and an entire troup of dancing sheep signing to Elton John. The strippers will be on stage at 2pm just after the knife juggler and a seven course dinner will be served at 3:30pm promptly.

You will find a large selection of shops have opened their doors in celebration of our appearance then shut them in our face when they realise who we are. Rumours of us being banned from Leeds City center on grounds that we bring the area down is completely founded in truth. Of course we will be bringing our own packed lunch of a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag as usual and feel free to hunt us down in the carpark as we tuck into our carpark picnic just like the guy last year who videoed us and uploaded it to YouTube under the heading ‘look at these nutters! Hahahaha!’

Jayne and I will be singing power ballads on air guitars and miming to Nikki Minaj before reading a passage from our latest book ‘Peter And Jayne Go Wild At Butlins’, part of our reading with shame series. Of course we will also be available to chat and sign things, although no buttocks, we never got over the pen slipping last time. We will also be continuing our record breaking attempt and trying to beat the fifty two people we managed to cram in the galleries viewing room when we last visited.

So come along, it’s completely free and we don’t bite anymore.

You can’t get better than that!

N.B. Peter and Jayne will be appearing tomorrow at Castle Galleries, Leeds between 1-4pm and all are welcome, additional entertainment is subject to availability, expense and general silliness.


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