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Something exciting to announce for early 2014, new limited editions not on paper this time but on glass. We are currently working with Art Glass Designer Sarah Peterson of Caithness Glass to reproduce both ‘Hold Me Close’ and ‘Forget Me Not’ as sandcasts. A very tricky and delicate process of building up layer up layer of coloured sand, all handcrafted individually. The result is an Impossimal created out of 400 degree heated coloured sand behind glass, really you need to see one to appreciate the hard work that goes into them. It’s probably explained better if you click on the image below.

You can also find more details about Caithness Glass and details of their processes at http://www.caithnessglass.co.uk/ Click on Sarah P Art Glass for a full range of Sarah’s work although the Impossimals won’t be making an appearance until early 2014 as we are just going through the production samples at the moment.

After so many sculptures over the years we thought we would try something a little different, the first results we have had so far look great and as the sun shines through them they come alive a little more. We are not being skimpy with the glass either, the samples we have are nearly seven inch square, two inch thick and weigh incredibly heavy, a quality item indeed.

In preparation for the new limited edition Impossimal glass sculpture release in 2014 the website will soon be updated with a full sculpture page as I know many of you haven’t seen the full range and we thought it would be nice to show them all together.

In more recent news two new sculptures will be making an appearance in five weeks time, bet you can’t guess who it’s going to be…

Coming in at just over a foot high its been in development for fourteen months, it will join Bloodlines along with lots of other surprises as we begin the countdown.



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