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Something Special

Over the last eleven years we have only ever allowed Impossimal artwork to be used on a select few quality products, the last being over five years ago with the final set of cufflinks so after much deliberation and a lot of making sure we only find the correct products we decided in the lead up to Christmas to allow the Impossimals to grace a few more through the use of an innovative and select online store.

Impossimals do seem incredibly suited to certain items though. I myself fancied a new keyring and cufflinks and that is what started this new Impossimal creation, a need for something a little different and after a little bit of searching I found a place that would help us bring it all together.

Anyhow, I’m rambling.

Ahem, OK, here goes…

There is a new Impossimal online store; it has selected Impossimal creations that compliment the limited editions and celebrate the Impossimal collections over the years including the brand new Lost Alice release with a series of three Bone China Mugs created just for the tour.

It’s not big, it’s not here to replace anything, it’s here to say thank you to everybody who has contacted us and all the emails we receive on a weekly basis asking for cufflinks, compacts, calendars and numerous other items for Impossimal collectors to cherish. We will be adding new Impossimal collectables on a regular basis and retiring others, each year we will have a single collectable Impossimal creation specifically just for that year. Other times we will have time limited editions to coincide with limited edition releases.

So a nice little compliment to the Impossimal world and if you have any ideas of future Impossimal pieces or designs you would like to see then just let us know.

The calendar is now on Amazon PRIME with guaranteed delivery times now they have finally got their act together after being overwhelmed by orders and breaking their system initially, you can find the link on our website at www.petersmithcollective.co.uk or click HERE

As for the new online store, well that can be found  HERE


2016 is the Year Of The Impossimal where we and the galleries go IMPOSSIMAL crazy!
Oodles of new editions coming your way including…
The follow up to ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ – ‘Wine Club’

A Fabulous ‘You Are FAB’

The Wonderful Family of Four in ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This’

And for all you doughnut loving people ‘Donut Worry, Be Happy!’
The galleries are getting ready, we are ready, are you ready?

And then at the end of 2016 when you think it’s all over, is this…
It’s going to be fab!

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