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Something For The Weekend?

This weekend as part of the Impossimal year we have planned is the release of three new Impossimal limited editions. ‘Our House’, the follow up to ‘Home Comforts’, ‘It’s Love’ a special Valentines offering and ‘What A Load Of Balls’ will give you a nice cross section of family, love and humour sprinkled with typical Impossimal attention to detail all created from custom made sculptures.

‘Our House’ was constructed on a small set with a bespoke couch created for the scene, ‘It’s Love’ used a combination of twenty six hearts suspended on frames to give height and depth for a pure piece whilst ‘It’s A Load Of Balls’ utilised clay marbles to form the balls of the painting in model form. A nice cross section from the Impossimals, full details on Sunday.

You may have noticed too if you have been following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that the Impossimals maquettes are to be made out of a harder material than plasticine in 2014. The upshot of this is that we will now have solid permanent sculptures and to avoid cluttering up the studio they will be offered to the galleries later in the year should they wish.

To give you an example this is a typical maquette, it’s rougher than a finished sculpture but has the advantage that it’s entirely unique and has been used for the final painting. Mounted on wood it’s signed and painted by myself.

Apart from releases and the maquettes the new website when launched will be simpler to navigate and have stories to a large amount of Impossimal pieces, a search facility, more images and numerous other enhancements helping to bring the Impossimal world to life.

So a quick normal-ish blog today as we make final preparations for the weekend, here we go!


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